When we read the Bible, we discover that people who were baptised had already repented or said “sorry” for thethings they had said & done wrong, & for excluding God from their lives (Acts 2:37-38).

When we are baptised we declare that we believe Jesus is God’s Son, that He died and rose again, and that He is our Lord & Saviour. Being fully immersed (or dunked!) in water is a step of obedience; we do it because Jesus has instructed us to “repent & be baptised” (Matt.28:19). He doesn't say believe and get baptised when we're good enough, or "christian enough". How good is enough? Through the cross, God says you're already good enough! 

We've discovered that if Jesus says, "Do it!" it's a really wise thing to do

Baptism is symbolic of the spiritual cleaning up process, the transformation, that has already started in us when we said "YES!" to God, "YES!" to his offer of forgiveness through the cross of Jesus, "YES!" to a commitment to follow His example, "YES!" with the help of Church family & the Holy Spirit, to apply his teachings to our every day lives and to share this good news.

If you have never been baptised as an adult believer before, and sense this is your next step, come along to our next 30minute Baptism Class to find out more! It'll help you to confidently take your next step!

Simply fill in this Baptism Application Form and hand it to us on a Sunday, or email it to


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