Our History


During the visit of Welsh Revivalist, Pastor Edward Jeffreys to Oldbury Town Hall in April 1930, people in our town attended his meetings; some were miraculously healed, and many became Christians. Bethel Temple, as it was originally known, was built and opened on 27th December 1930 to provide a place for new Christians to meet, worship and serve their community together.

The little wooden church, was replaced in 1970, and has since been extended a number of times as the church has grown in both number and influence.

Bethel has been a constant Christian presence in its community over the years, and remains a church of diversity, reaching people of different nationalities, ages and backgrounds.

The message of its beginnings has not needed to change, but today Bethel is a lively worshipping community, which continues to embrace new methods to ensure that this generation has the opportunity to meet and worship Jesus Christ too.

On Sunday 10th June 2018, a lovely bunch of folks who had been meeting at the Elim Church in Langley, merged with us. The Elim building in Langley Crescent, known as Sandwell Christian Centre, is just over a mile away from Bethel. It's home to fantastic local ministries such as KrunchSandwell NET, Love Sandwell and serves as Bethel's Outreach Hub for the local community. 




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